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What exactly does Nesh do?

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Connect to Limitless sources of data

Nesh gives you flexibility to connect to your internal enterprise data or publicly available data sources. She can connect to and extract information from sources like documents, spreadsheets, powepoints, emails, web pages, APIs, and more.

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Ask a Question. Get an Answer

Nesh uses Natural Language Processing, custom-built for the Energy Industry to understand your questions and fulfill your requests.

Get answers to questions you didn’t think to ask

Nesh not only answers the question you asked but also provides an in-context vital to 
answer a question you didn’t ask. This can provide relevant insight and, hopefully, uncover new knowledge from the data.

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Gets Smarter with every interaction

The more you talk to Nesh, the smarter she gets. Nesh continually improves using your reinforcements by learning from the collective wisdom of all the users and by connecting 
the dots between the various data points.

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Powered by Physics and AI, together

Nesh uses Domain-Driven first principle methods augmented with Data-Driven analytical methods 
to automate workflows and tasks.

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Designed to build trust through Transparency

For every answer that Nesh provides, you can look under the hood to see how it was generated. 
In the near future, you will be able to edit or add to the existing models that Nesh runs.

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Ask me Anything

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Submit your question

Please fill out this form to send us your question. We’ll let you know when Nesh has been trained to answer this question. Thanks for helping her get smarter!


Thank you for the question. We'll make sure to let you know when Nesh is trained to answer it

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Add Data and Applications. Power Up Nesh

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Request a new integration
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What’s your integration request?

Thanks for supporting and helping us grow our open ecosystem. If you believe that a Conversational AI can improve the access to an existing datasource or application, we are all ears.


We will be in touch with you shortly

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Nesh Four Ways Nesh Four Ways Nesh Four Ways Nesh Four Ways

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    Web App

    Talk to Nesh via your web browser and access all her features at full fidelity.

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    Smart Speaker or Raspberry Pi

    Best suited for meeting settings. Talk to Nesh via a smart speaker or an open source hardware like Raspberry Pi.

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    Mobile App

    Take Nesh with you when you are on the go with the Nesh Mobile App and access all her power even out in the oilfield (coming soon)

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    Texting Nesh

    Connect with Nesh at a dedicated phone number setup for your organization. Add Nesh to your list of contacts and text her to get an answer.