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Hello, I’m Nesh.

The AI Assistant for Search and Analytics

01. why use nesh

Organize and
Access Industry

Nesh can connect to and query limitless internal and public data sources, run technical or business workflows and 
extract high-value insights.

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02. why use nesh

Get answers
when you
need them

Nesh has a simple and beautiful design so that anyone in the company can find answers to their questions when they need it.

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03. why use nesh

a versatile
expert 24x7

Nesh is a virtual assistant with skills of an analyst, engineer, geoscientist, data scientist and she’s always available when you need her.

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01. product

A Conversational AI
to answer all
your questions

Nesh is a no-collar, conversational AI who uses Public and Proprietary data coupled with her understanding of Energy concepts to understand and answer your questions.

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02. product

Get answers to
questions you didn’t
think of asking

Nesh not only answers the questions you asked but also provides an in-context vital to answer a question you didn’t ask. This can uncover some new knowledge you didn’t even know existed.

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03. product

Gets Smarter with
every Question and
every Interaction

The more you talk to Nesh, the smarter she gets. Nesh continually improves using your reinforcements by learning from all users and by connecting the dots between the various data points.

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These industries are using Nesh to access their technical knowledge

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Upstream Oil and Gas

Nesh’s conversational AI for Upstream Oil and Gas empowers users to seamlessly inquire about, interact with and utilize drilling, completion, production, subsurface, strategy, and other data within their organization.

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Midstream Oil and Gas

Nesh helps Midstream companies deliver energy in a superior way by reducing the complexity with a conversational AI. Gain efficiency at every step of gathering, compression, treatment, processing, transportation, storage, and selling.

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Downstream Oil and Gas

Nesh understands complex, unconstrained language used in refining, marketing and chemical manufacturing to deliver 
a frictionless and faster experience for Downstream companies. The conversational AI can connect to all the digital touchpoints to provide omni-functional assistance.

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Investment Banks and PE Firms

Nesh empowers Analysts, Associates, Executives and improves their A&D experience with our conversational AI for Banks and Private Equity. Our virtual assistant takes the tediousness out of data analysis to enable a more natural conversation within the data room.

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futuristic city icon

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Answers to all your Questions

Nesh is constantly learning, getting smarter, and answering more questions. Here’s the latest count


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