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Hello, I’m Nesh.

Your Subject Matter Avatar

01. why use nesh

Organize and
Access Enterprise

Nesh can connect to limitless internal and public data sources, extract high-value insights, and allows for a natural conversation with all your content.

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02. why use nesh

Ask a Question
Get an

Nesh's simple and beautiful design presents real answers instead of a list of links like search engines do. Anyone in the company can get answers to their questions when they need it.

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03. why use nesh

a versatile
expert 24x7

Nesh automatically updates her understanding of your industry 24x7 to gather the best insights for teams across the organization.

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01. product

A Conversational AI
to answer all
your questions

Nesh is an AI-based Subject Matter Avatar that uses Public and Proprietary data coupled with her deep domain understanding to understand and answer your questions.

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02. product

Get answers to
questions you didn’t
think of asking

Nesh not only answers the questions you asked but also provides an in-context insight to answer a question you didn’t ask. This can uncover some new knowledge you didn’t even know existed.

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03. product

Gets Smarter with
every Question and
every Interaction

The more you talk to Nesh, the smarter she gets. Nesh continually improves using your reinforcements by learning from all users and by connecting the dots between the various data points.

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These industries are using Nesh to access their technical knowledge

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Power and Utilities

This industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. The amount of knowledge and expertise required to stay ahead of the curve as the industry shifts from traditional to renewables is too much for one person or team. Nesh can help to stay ahead of changes in legislation, market trends and consumer outlook.

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In the Chemical business, the devil is in the details. The end product is only as good as the process used to produce it and affected by the wide variations in how the product is utilized. Nesh can provide support to employees and customers to achieve the highest quality experience in the manufacturing and utilization of the product.

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Oil and Gas

Rising global demand, volatile prices, and increasing environmental regulations are forcing the industry to face three challenges: reducing costs, optimizing asset performance, and improving its environmental footprint. Nesh helps with these challenges by providing better operational visibility, market trends, competitive intel, and empowers users to gain efficiency at every step in the E&P process.

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Metal and Mining

The Metals and Mining industry is facing its own set of challenges. It has to contend with increasing scarcity of high-quality ores, mounting costs, unstable commodity prices, rising global demand, and smaller profit margins. Nesh helps with these challenges by providing better operational visibility, market trends, competitive intel, and empowers users to gain efficiency at every step in the Mining and Metallurgical process.

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Investment Banks

Bankers create a lot of one-and-done documents and often start from scratch due to a lack of insights they can draw from PDFs, Word Docs, Powerpoints, and Webpages. Nesh empowers Analysts, Associates, Executives and takes the tediousness out of data analysis to enable a natural conversation with all existing data.

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Consulting Firms

Consulting firms deal with a huge volumes of data - both internal intellectual property and client intellectual property. Nesh is powerful enough to create a center of gravity that allows for the orbiting of various stakeholders attached to projects - associates, team leads, SMEs, and partners; and sophisticated enough to honor privacy and security privileges.

Answers to all your Questions

Nesh is constantly learning, getting smarter, and answering more questions. Here’s the latest count


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