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Nesh is perfect for individuals and teams of all sizes. Start for free.

  • futuristic device
    Edition 0
    Free Forever
    • Shared cloud environment
    • Competitor benchmarking using financial, ESG, operations, strategy and risk metrics
    • Track 30 public upstream, midstream, chemical, OFS and utility companies
    • Access data from SEC Filings (10K, 20F), earnings call transcripts, financial and market streams, news sources and operational databases
    • Access production and subsurface data for the upstream companies
    • Access high-value intents
    • Access limited vitals
    • Ask unlimited questions
  • futuristic device
    Edition X
    Private Enterprise
    Request Demo
    • Dedicated virtual private cloud (VPC)
    • Connect to unlimited internal data sources and pipelines
    • Access to all existing intents (intent - a specific task that needs to be done)
    • Build new and custom intents
    • Add your own Petrotechnical and Machine Learning workflows
    • Add new Power Ups
    • Access to all vitals and create custom vital
    • Ask unlimited questions based on your data
    • Included professional service hours
    • Request Demo

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